Rentals are only offered at our Kahului and Paia locations.
Board rentals are only offered at our Kahului location.

Our Rental/Demo center has the largest selection on Maui. Our experienced rental staff will make sure you have the right gear.

Stand Up Paddle / Surf Boards / Windsurfing

Rental Prices

Hi-Tech has ‘The Best’ SUP Demo Program on Maui. Our collection of over 40+ boards has a great selection of beginner, intermediate, and advanced stand-up paddleboards. The paddles included with rentals are Quickblade and Kialoa Paddles.

Our SUP Demo Line:

Starboard, Jimmy Lewis, Quatro, and Kazuma.

Hi-Tech has the most expansive rental / demo fleet on Maui with the highest performance models from the best brands. Why pay the $200 airline charge each way when you can have the right board for Maui’s surf conditions. If the conditions change for a particular day and you need a different size board, we got you covered with our ‘Unlimited Exchange’ program.

Short Boards:

Firewire, KT, and Kazuma.


Channel Islands, Firewire, Jimmy Lewis, Kazuma, Lost, Rusty, and Stewart.


Jimmy Lewis, Pierson Arrow, Robert August, Stewart, and Takayama.

Hi-Tech has a great selection of windsurfing equipment for the world’s best windsurfing conditions. Sailboards from Quatro and Naish. Sails from Ezzy, Goya, and Maui Sails.